26 Januari 2010


My name is Andreas Panjaitan. I am someone who really wants to know about all things that can broaden my knowledge both in the field of science and life science, especially in the field of information and technology.

I am very aware that I still have to continue to learn and learn to hone the science available to me to be useful and used by the nation and the wider community.

In my life very happy to learn from experience and because of this nature that I have a science that can be used in my life. and in the field of science I am very happy to read.

Currently I'm cultivate a science which I think could be useful and beneficial in my life and others, namely ilmua and information technology (IT) primarily in the computer field such as:

* Hardware
* Software
* Multimedia, "Video, and Photos"
* Program, VB, PHP, and More
* Web Design: Java Script, HTML
* And Much More

And now I am active as a founder and board Cyber Community groups in facebook. and write-article article that may be useful in this blog.

I am very aware there are still many shortcomings to me. Therefore, I really needed the advice of friends all in order to improve my skills in this discipline.

Thank you regards IT Lovers Newbie

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  1. Anonim3:17 PM

    moga sukses kawan!

  2. Oke deh mbak wulan


  3. hmmm... lam knal bos... =) keren jg y... ane tunggu postingan2 brikutnya deh...